No, the Supreme Court Did Not Just Obliterate Your ‘Right to Remain Silent’

Feeling overwhelmed by the sheer number of unsettling Supreme Court decisions coming down this summer? You are definitely not alone. While today, most of the nation will be focused on the court’s decision to set the clock on reproductive rights back t…

Period tracker app Flo developing ‘anonymous mode’ following Supreme Court ruling

Flo, one of the most widely used period tracking apps, says it intends to launch a new "anonymous mode" in an effort to address privacy concerns in the wake of the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade. “We will soon be launching a…

Jordan Peele Continues to Make Genre Real With Nope

Jordan Peele’s Nope is one of the most anticipated movies of the summer—and that’s something the Oscar-winning filmmaker behind the similarly buzzed-about Get Out and Us anticipated from the start.Read more…

‘Axie Infinity’ hack victims will only get back around a third of what they lost

Sky Mavis, the developer of blockchain game Axie Infinity, says it will start reimbursing the victims of a $617 million hack that took place earlier this year. The attackers took $25.5 million in USDC (a stablecoin that’s pegged to the value of the US dollar) and 173,600 ether, which was worth around $591.2 million at the time. The FBI claimed North Korean state-backed hacker groups were behind the attack.

Impacted Axie Infinity players will be able to withdraw one ether token for each one they lost in the hack, Sky Mavis told Bloomberg (the company didn’t mention a USDC reimbursement). However, as with other cryptocurrencies, the value of Ethereum has plummeted since the attack in March. 

Because of that, Sky Mavis will return around $216.5 million to users. It’s possible that the price of Ethereum will rise again, but as things stand, affected users will get back around a third of what they lost.

In April, Sky Mavis raised $150 million in funding to help it pay back the victims. The developer plans to reimburse affected users on June 28th, when it restarts the Ronin software bridge that the hackers targeted. 

Axie Infinity is widely considered the most popular play-to-earn game. Players collect and mint NFTs representing creatures that battle each other, Pokémon-style. These NFTs can be sold to other players, with Sky Mavis charging a transaction fee. By February, Axie Infinity had facilitated $4 billion in NFT sales.

However, the NFT market has all but bottomed out, which has had a significant impact on Axie Infinity. For one thing, according to Bloomberg, the daily active user count dropped from 2.7 million in November to a quarter of that by the end of May.

Can You Believe Blade Runner and The Thing Premiered on the Same Day?

On June 25, 1982, a strange thing happened. Two movies, now considered to be masterpieces of their genres, premiered on the very same day… and tanked. Both received middling to genuinely harsh reviews, both failed to make a significant dent in the box …

How To Find Last-Minute Hotel Deals on the Web

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Apple Music raises the price of its student plan in the US, UK and Canada

Expect an Apple Music student plan to add slightly more to your college debt. As developer Michael Burkhardt and 9to5Mac have noticed, Apple has quietly raised the price of Music’s student discount from $5 per month to $6 in the US and Canada, and from £5 to £6 in the UK. It’s not clear exactly when or why the change occurred (we’ve asked Apple for comment), but it appears to have occurred within the past two days.

The student tier was introduced in 2016 and offers the full functionality of Apple Music to those who qualify, just at a more affordable price. You currently get Apple TV+ as a bonus, but this is a “limited-time offer” that could vanish at any moment. In May, Apple hiked prices in countries like India, New Zealand and South Africa.

The increase makes Apple Music a tougher sell. Spotify Student Premium is still priced at $5 per month in the US as of this writing, and it includes Hulu’s ad-supported plan as well as Showtime. While there are still some reasons to pick Apple Music over rivals (such as tighter integration with Apple hardware), it might not be so enticing if you’re trying to wring every last drop of value out of your subscriptions.

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An AI Learned to Play Minecraft, and It’s Actually Pretty Good

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Sega Is Resurrecting This Gigantic Flight Stick Controller for Its Mega Drive Mini 2 Console

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