Adorable ‘Porg’ Pterosaur Flapped Above Jurassic China

As the sun sets over what will become northern China in 160 million years, something small dives between the trunks of tree ferns, intercepting a dragonfly mid-flight. It lands in the canopy to gulp down its squirming prize. The big-eyed, arrestingly c…

Sound location inspired by bat ears could help robots navigate outdoors

Researchers have developed bat-inspired, AI-guided sound location that could help robots navigate outside.

You Can Finally Use Book Covers as Kindle Lockscreens

The Kindle lockscreen has always been whatever. Either you opted for a cheaper e-reader with ads or you got random stock photos of… pens and inkwells. But now Amazon has finally given bookworms what they want: The ability to use book covers as locksc…

Square Enix denies takeover rumors

Square Enix has denied reports that it is being targeted by multiple buyers for a potential takeover.

Tesla settles with ex-employee over Autopilot code theft accusations

Tesla has settled with a former employee that it sued for downloading data related to its Autopilot feature.

San Francisco’s Clipper transit card gets iPhone and Apple Watch support

The Metropolitan Transportation Commission has launched support for Clipper, Bay Area’s all-in-one reloadable transit card, on the iPhone and the Apple Watch.

The best smart speakers you can buy

Here’s a list of the best smart speakers you can buy — for every budget — plus tips and tricks on how to choose the right one for you.

Engadget Podcast: NVIDIA bets big on ARM, Surface Laptop 4 arrives

This week, Cherlynn and Devindra chat about NVIDIA’s massive GTC developer conference. It turns out ARM chips are going to be a much bigger deal for NVIDIA! Also, they discuss the recently announced Surface Laptop 4 and Microsoft’s new family of access…

The Best Gadgets to 420 Blaze It

April 20 is going to feel a little different this year.Read more…

SpaceX gets the go-ahead for Crew Dragon launch to ISS next week

NASA and SpaceX’s Crew Dragon is a go for liftoff to the International Space Station next week following the completion of a Flight Readiness Review.