Linen Is the Hot New Fabric of the Summer/Eternity

Designer Jemma Swatek, who created the brand Lykke Wullf, went to college for environmental studies but later pivoted to fashion design. Now, though, she finds herself considering her environment constantly while making clothes.Read more…

Telegram’s video calls can now accommodate up to 1,000 viewers

Telegram has expanded the group video calling feature it launched in June to be able to accommodate more participants — a lot more. The latest version of the messaging app now allows up to 1,000 people to join a group video call. While the number of participants that can broadcast video from their camera or their screen remains capped at 30, an additional 970 people can tune in and watch. 

As Telegram said when it first launched the feature, it was always planning on increasing the number of people that can join a group chat as it expands its voice and video calls to support live events. In its new announcement, the company said it’ll keep on increasing the limit. In addition, Telegram has updated the video messaging feature so users can watch them at a higher resolution. Users can now also share their screen with sound during 1-on-1 video calls and set their messages to auto-delete after one month instead of within a day or a week like the older options allowed. 

Telegram’s updated media editor makes the brush width smaller upon zooming in, allowing users to draw finer details on photos and videos. Other new features include more password reset options and animated emoji. For the Android app, the latest version also includes support for 0.5x, 1.5x and 2x playback speeds, as well as new sending animations. Meanwhile, iOS users will have access to a new in-app camera that can use all their device’s zoom levels, as well as the ability to forward messages to multiple recipients. 


Google Fi Purportedly Isn’t Letting Subscribers Call Poison Control for Some Weird Reason

Considering the amount of poisonous substances in this world, which can range from mundane things like nail polish to unlikely things like house plants, it’s pretty important to be able to call Poison Control if you’re exposed to something potentially …

This Is the Way…to the Week’s Best Toys

Welcome back to Toy Aisle, io9’s regular round-up of the coolest toys we’ve seen on the internet this week. We’ve got Lego heading back to The Mandalorian, old favorites heading back to Ghostbusters, some very pretty Uno cards, and Hasbro taking another crack at the “build-your-own lightsaber” toy. Check it out!

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Disney Is Mandating Its U.S. Employees Get Vaccinated

In response to renewed concerns about the ongoing covid-19 pandemic and the spread of the delta variant, Disney is taking a major step to ensure that all of its U.S. employees are guarded against the virus.Read more…

Will Everyone Be Exposed to Covid-19 Eventually? It’s Complicated

This week, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued new guidance on masking for those fully vaccinated against covid-19, recommending that people living in areas of high transmission once again don masks while inside public spaces. The mov…

Taika Waititi’s Flash Gordon Film Might Be Live-Action Now

Filmmaker Taika Waititi is involved with so many things it’s very easy to forget one or two. For example, you probably remember he’s making Thor: Love and Thunder, and he’s supposed to do a Star Wars movie. You may even know he’s a bad guy in the new R…

A Congressman Just Introduced Legislation for a Four-Day Workweek

It turns out some Members of Congress despise the five-day workweek as much as the rest of us. This week, Rep. Mark Takano of California introduced groundbreaking legislation meant to make four-day workweeks the norm in the US, instead of the Monday-th…

‘Horizon Forbidden West’ is reportedly delayed to 2022

PlayStation fans will have to wait until 2022 to play Horizon Forbidden West, according to Bloomberg. The outlet reports the company has delayed its next big PS5 and PS4 exclusive to next year, pushing it back from its current 2021 holiday season release timeframe.

Ahead of today’s news, Sony hinted at a potential delay last month when the company published an interview with PlayStation Studios head Hermen Hulst. “For Horizon, we think we are on track to release this holiday season,” Hulst said at the time. “But that isn’t quite certain yet, and we’re working as hard as we can to confirm that to you as soon as we can.” At the moment, it’s not clear what’s behind the delay.

If Sony does in fact delay Forbidden West, it won’t be the only first-party exclusive to miss its previously announced 2021 release date. Earlier in the year, the company delayed both Gran Turismo 7 and the next God of War entry to 2022. Just last week, Bethesda also delayed Ghostwire: Tokyo, its upcoming PlayStation 5 and PC horror game from Tango Gameworks, to early 2022.    

I Accidentally Recorded At Least 682 Gigabytes of Video of Myself Without My Knowledge

It’s happened to all of us: You’ve been browsing your hard drive and found hundreds of gigabytes of lengthy video files of the inside of your office, apparently filmed without your awareness. Dozens or possibly hundreds of hours of footage of whatever …