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Panasonic’s S5 and S1 cameras will support high-res Blackmagic RAW video soon

Panasonic will update both its Lumix S1 and S5 full-frame cameras with Blackmagic RAW 5.9K 12-bit 30 fps external video recording capability on July 12th.

Apple’s 2022 iPhones could include a cheaper model with a big display

Ming-Chi Kuo expects Apple’s iPhone lineup for 2022 to include affordable 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch models.

Google Drive security update could leave some file links broken

Google will add a resource key to Drive links generated for sharing.

Apple will produce an animated series based on Nathan Pyle’s ‘Strange Planet’ webcomic

Apple is adapting Nathan Pyle’s Strange Planet webcomic and series of best-selling graphic novels into an animated TV+ series.

Peacock is finally coming to Amazon Fire TV and tablets

Sarting on Thursday, June 24th, you’ll be able to download the Peacock app on your Fire TV and Fire tablet products.

What the Supreme Court Snapchat decision means for free speech online

An expletive-filled Snapchat Story has become the basis for a Supreme Court ruling on free speech.

John McAfee, controversial antivirus pioneer, found dead in prison

Antivirus software entrepreneur John McAfee has died at the age of 75.

Peloton’s Tread+ temporarily needs a subscription, but a fix is on the way

The company is temporarily waiving membership fees amid the messy rollout of a safety feature.

Instagram tests placing ‘suggested posts’ throughout your feed

Instagram told The Verge it’s starting a test involving a “small number” of people where they’ll see the platform’s “suggested posts” interspersed throughout their feed.

Founders of South African Bitcoin exchange disappear after $3.6 billion ‘hack’

Cryptocurrency investors in South Africa may have lost nearly $3.6 billion in Bitcoin following the disappearance of two brothers associated with one of the country’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges.