Court tosses federal lawsuit over AT&T’s data throttling

The FCC may be having some success hauling AT&T out on the carpet for throttling unlimited data plans without clear warnings to customers, but the FTC isn’t so lucky. A Ninth Circuit appeals court has tossed out the FTC’s lawsuit against AT&…

3D-printed robot arm is controlled using virtual reality

Silicon Valley company 219 Design has built a 3D-printed robot arm you can control using a virtual reality app and an HTC Vive headset. As hacks go, this one is pretty darn awesome.
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Are aliens trying to contact us? Signals from faraway star have experts buzzing

A discovery by Russian radio telescope operators in 2015 has the astronomy community buzzing about potential evidence of aliens. But don’t hold your breath, as it may just be military radio interference.
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The new Papa John’s app for Apple TV makes ordering a breeze

Papa John’s knows a delicious pizza goes well with marathoning your favorite shows by way of the Apple TV. That’s why the pizza giant has launched a new app to let you order, customize and pay a pizza order directly from the Apple TV itself.

Microsoft OneNote can help solve your math homework

Just in time for back to school season, Microsoft has made a few slick updates to Office 365, intended to help users get more out of their pen-based digital notes. Building on the beta launch of Windows Ink, OneNote has added new ink effects, …

More of Sierra’s classic adventure games come to Steam

Sure, Sierra’s biggest adventure game titles (such as King’s Quest and Space Quest) have been around in their original forms on Steam for a while, but many gamers remember playing a lot more than that. What about arresting perps in Police Quest, or s…

SETI researchers investigate an unusual signal

The hunt for alien life might have turned up something special. A Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence team using Russia’s RATAN-600 radio telecope (above) is investigating an unusually strong signal from a star 95 light years away, in the Hercul…

A New Doctor Strange Video Finally Gives Us Some More Insight Into the Villains

Marvel Studios’ Doctor Strange is only about two months away, but we don’t really know much about the movie. This new video featurette provides a few more hints at what awaits us in November.

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It’s now easier to create and customize Snapchat Geofilters

If you’re one to continually try out Snapchat’s On-Demand Geofilters to spruce up your snaps, starting today you’ll be able to edit and place themes and designs straight from within the On-Demand website before you purchase your Geofilter.

NASA’s EmDrive thruster just took an important leap forward

NASA’s futuristic, physics-defying EmDrive thruster may have just taken an important leap toward silencing its critics, by reportedly passing a rigorous peer review process with a forthcoming paper.

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