Go Full Retro-Photography Geek With This 3D-Printed, DIY Camera

As far as DIY projects go, building a usable street camera sounds pretty daunting. That said, the RUHAcam, a new project by Ping-Hsun “penk” Chen and Ruha Cheng, definitely looks like a fun weekend project for folks who want to create a standalone came…

Take a Nostalgic Journey Through This Collection of Classic Apple Mac Death Chimes

You’re probably very familiar with the sounds your computer makes when it starts, which are comforting noises that everything is working as it should. But your Mac used to make some troubling sounds. Podcaster and Apple collector Stephen Hackett recent…

SpaceX reportedly wins NASA’s Artemis lunar lander contract

Elon Musk’s company will take astronauts to the Moon for the first time since 1972, according to the ‘Washington Post’

Lego hints at an upcoming Luigi-themed set with a clever update

In what will likely go down as one of the most clever marketing campaigns in recent memory, Lego’s electronic Super Mario has started to hint at Luigi getting his own set following a recent firmware update.

Facebook’s Oversight Board has delayed its decision on Trump’s suspension

The board needs more time to review the thousands of public comments it received.

Google Misled Android Users About Location Data, Australian Court Finds

In the first ruling of its kind, the Australian Federal Court announced on Friday that Google violated the country’s laws surrounding consumer safety when it misled Australian Android users about the location data that their phones were collecting.Read…

21-Year-Old Man Nearly Dies of Heart Failure After Drinking Four Energy Drinks a Day

A young man’s years of heavy energy drink consumption nearly killed him, doctors in the UK say. In a new report this week, they detail how the man developed heart failure likely linked to his habit of drinking four energy drinks a day for two years str…

FedEx’s No-Phone Policy Prevented Indianapolis Shooting Victims From Calling Loved Ones

FedEx is facing pressure to reconsider its policy of forcing employees to lock up their phones during work, following Thursday night’s deadly shooting at a ground facility in Indianapolis. CNN reported that, around 11 p.m. ET, a man opened fire in the…

Apple Music pays a penny per stream, double Spotify’s rate

But Spotify users typically stream more songs, leading to higher payouts overall.

Hacking the Game Boy’s Multiplayer Randomizer Creates the Perfect Version of Tetris

Do you remember the thrill of getting two straight line pieces in a row while playing Game Boy Tetris? It made you feel like running out and buying a lottery ticket. Now imagine the feeling if Tetris served up a never-ending buffet of just straight lin…